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Why Writing Quality Code is Important in Web Development?

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09 April 2021
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Writing quality code is a crucial element of any website or application. But, good code quality doesn’t happen by accident. The passionate and consistent efforts of the software development team towards quality standard scan only make this happen. If the quality of the code is not good enough, it may lead to the loss of money and waste of time due to modification and adjustments of the code. However, if you generate quality code software, it can yield advantages like:  

Improve Efficiency: The efficiency is directly affected by the performance and speed of the software. The quality of the code can be estimated by the efficiency of the source code. Writing useful code and avoiding redundant and unnecessary code can dramatically improve efficiency of the website. Nobody likes to use a website that takes a long time to perform any task. Moreover, following the coding standards would help developers detect any problems immediately or completely prevent them.

Reduce the Failure Rate: A quality code allows the software to run the functionality consistently without any failures. The software is not considered reliable if it performs different every time, even though the same input is provided. The reliability of the software can be enhanced by carrying out frequent testing of the code with every possible input. Proper exception and error handling can give you a reliable software and reduces the chances of problems and failure.

Ability to Correct Errors: When the software is written with standard code quality, it becomes very easy to locate and correct any errors. The software’s ability to sustain with errors during implementation increases its robustness. It can be very uncomfortable for users to see strange messages when they do anything wrong. During an error, the users should be provided with a clear and meaningful message so they can understand the fault and rectify it.

Easy to Maintain: Writing consistent code by following quality code standards can allow you to easily maintain it. Furthermore, the increased maintainability of the code lets you add new codes, modify existing or fix issues with less effort and without much affecting other modules. Using proper naming conventions for variables, classes and methods, formatting style, summary descriptions and appropriate commenting can help you achieve software’s maintainability.

Cost Efficient: A clear and structured code allows developers to reuse the code wherever required. This can extremely reduce the cost of the project along with the development time and efforts put into it. It can be very difficult and costly to solve a problem in the system when the code is too large and complex, and not of good quality.

Easy to Understand: The code is considered good quality code if it is easily, clearly and quickly understandable by everyone. Anybody who is new or hasn’t seen the code in a while should be able to read and understand the code. If the code is poorly written, it may turn out difficult for developers to understand what actually this code does and what changes are required to make.

How Can You Achieve a Good Code Quality?
Here we have provided some tips that can help you increase the quality of the code.
•    Add appropriate comments on logic, functions and methods.
•    Use underscores in naming your function between the words.
•    Write generalized code where possible to make it reusable.
•    Avoid deep nesting structure.
•    Use proper names and data types for variables, classes, properties and methods.
•    Review your code twice or thrice once the module or functionality is developed.

Conclusion: Thus, it can be understood from this article how important it is to write quality and structured code while building a software. 

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