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When is the World Cup in 2022, and why is Qatar hosting?

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12 September 2022
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When is the World Cup in 2022, and why is Qatar hosting?


When the Qatar 2022 World Cup begins in November, it will be the first World Cup finals to be hosted in the Middle East or at this time of year. The choice to hold the competition in Qatar has sparked considerable debate.


When is the World Cup in 2022, and how hot will it be?

The World Cup finals will take place between November 21 and December 18, when the temperature in Qatar typically exceeds 25 degrees Celsius (77F).

If the finals had been held in June and July, as is customary, the temperatures would have exceeded 40 degrees Celsius and possibly reached 50 degrees Celsius.


What's the problem with staging the World Cup later?

The months of November and December are extremely active for European football clubs. Many key players will be called up to represent their country in Qatar 2022.

A week before the international competition, European leagues such as England's Premier League, Italy's Serie A, and Spain's La Liga are stopping their seasons.

After the competition is concluded, matches will resume.



Why was Qatar picked to host the World Cup?

Qatar was awarded the World Cup in 2010 after winning a vote among FIFA's 22 executive members. It outbid offers from the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Australia.

It is the tournament's first Arab host country.

Qatar was accused of bribing FIFA officials for £3 million ($3.7 million), but was cleared following a two-year probe.

FIFA's then-chairman, Sepp Blatter, supported Qatar's candidacy at the time, but has since stated that the organization may have made the wrong decision.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have also accused Qatar of mistreating foreign workers who are constructing World Cup facilities.


Which teams will compete in the World Cup, and who are the favorites?

Qualification for the World Cup in 2022 began three years ago.

Teams from several continents competed in groups, with the top teams advancing to the finals and others securing their place through play-offs.


The 2018 World Cup winners France made it through, but current European champions Italy failed to qualify.

For the finals, the 32 teams were drawn into eight groups of four. Teams from the same continent were kept apart - except for European countries, where a maximum of two could be in any one group.

Brazil, England, France, and Spain are the current bookmakers' favorites to win the tournament.


What can World Cup supporters in Qatar expect?

Qatar, with a population of 2.9 million people, is one of the wealthiest countries in the world due to oil and gas exports.

It has constructed seven stadiums exclusively for the tournament, as well as a whole new city to host the final match.

Over 100 new hotels, a new metro, and new highways are also being built.

The tournament's organizing body anticipates 1.5 million spectators for the finals.

Qatar is a devoutly Muslim country, and fans have been advised to exercise caution.

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited. It is generally exclusively available in the bars of fancy hotels. A pint of beer can cost as much as £10 ($13).

The World Cup's alcohol strategy is still being finalized, according to the organizers. They have confirmed, however, that alcohol would be offered "in select places within stadiums."

Alcoholic beverages will also be offered at a 40,000-person capacity fan zone in Doha, Qatar's capital.




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