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Top ten trends for social media video marketing in 2023

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15 December 2022
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Top ten trends for social media video marketing in 2023

The ongoing evolution of video marketing trends is not surprising. However, it's essential to know how the market evolves, to take a close look at new consumer behaviors, and at the latest updates to social media platforms.
Is 2023 a Good Year for Video Marketing?
Absolutely yes! Businesses all over the world depend on video marketing for a virtually endless list of goals, and trends in the field are crucial for creating relevant content.
According to the 2022 Content Marketing and Visual Storytelling Survey by the Content Marketing Institute, 73% of marketers believe that video is even more crucial this year than last year. Video content will be even more important in 2023 as more social platforms focus on video-first algorithms and add new video features.
1.    Social Media is dominated by user-generated videos
User-generated content is one of the major social media trends for videos (UGC).
Real users of your product discussing it and the positive impacts it's had on their lives are known as user-generated content (UGC) or videos designed to feel like UGC. These kinds of videos could feature a testimonial or a demonstration of your product in its intended environment. Consumers find UGC to be authentic, which helps it stand out in the sea of what seems like endless digital noise.
The rise of TikTok videos and similar features on other platforms makes it more important than ever to produce authentic content if you want to engage your audience. When developing your 2023 strategies, keep in mind that consumers are 2.4 times more likely to find user-generated content (UGC) authentic than branded content (according to a Stackla study).
How important is brand authenticity? In the same Stackla study, it was discovered that 90% of consumers cite authenticity as a key factor in deciding which brands to support.
2.    Digital Communities Will Grow and Diversify
Digital communities will continue to flourish because they add a human element to our online spaces as people all around the world slowly recovering from the pandemic.
With these growing communities, brands must make sure their video content feels natural and speaks to each platform's audience. Taking part in new conversations and trends as they emerge is one way to achieve this.
Your brand can establish a presence through your content in social communities by producing on-trend creative content. Additionally, by participating in these communities, you can improve your communication with your audience and prepare your upcoming social media video marketing content.
3.    Audiences Will Use a Variety of Platforms
Channel diversification is one of the main trends in video marketing to watch out for. Marketers must diversify their platform selection to reach audiences wherever they gather because audiences are dispersed across the new social landscape.
Publishing on several social media platforms will be essential to expanding, converting, and maintaining your entire audience because each social media platform has a distinct audience mix and targeting advantages. Your brand needs to have a strong presence on every platform where your audiences gather if you want to stay involved in the online discussions that they are having.
Marketing professionals have a low-cost opportunity for growth on platforms with a variety of users, like TikTok, Snapchat, and Pinterest. As we can see, users of all ages are increasingly utilizing social media platforms that are typically dominated by younger generations of consumers.
4.    Audience Targeting Will Evolve
We'll need to keep up with data privacy trends as well as video marketing trends as data privacy laws continue to change. Even on social media, audience targeting is likely to become more challenging.
These adjustments come as social media is experiencing its highest user and video content saturation ever, posing unique challenges for brands.
But try not to panic! There are still opportunities for you to serve up audience-specific social content on social platforms, which are a world of verified users with sophisticated audience-targeting tools.
Your social media video marketing strategies will need to appeal to a much wider audience now that you have less analytical data to guide you. View your entire social media profile.
Your social media video marketing strategies will need to appeal to a much wider audience now that you have less analytical data to guide you. Take a look at your overall social media video marketing strategy and make an investment in creative content that strengthens your brand's identity and creates a turning point that customers will remember.
5.    Social Media + eCommerce = Social Commerce
2020 saw a 30% increase in eCommerce growth, which advanced consumer trends by more than two years and firmly established eCommerce as the preferred 21st-century shopping method.
Every major social platform will continue to invest in creating more efficient and interesting social shopping experiences through 2023 in order to support users' changing lifestyles. You will have more opportunities to develop lower-funnel video content that is specifically suited to each channel.
For instance, since launching its initial shopping features, TikTok has continued to develop and add new features, like shoppable ads and Lcontentivestream shopping videos.
6.    More Educational and Informational Videos
To help you learn more about, well, pretty much anything, there is a YouTube or TikTok video available. Due to this, one of the most popular trends in video marketing for 2023 is educational videos.
According to a study of TikTok users in the US and UK, 24% of respondents specifically use the app to pick up new skills. Additionally, Think With Google shared that one of the most popular YouTube categories is "how to," which presents a significant opportunity for your company to share educational video content with those who are interested in learning more.
Educational content can allow you to give your users the content they want while simultaneously promoting your brand and products in an approachable, informational way. Additionally, customers will value that you took the time to know the content they want to see.
7.    Rise of Interactive AR Content
Be prepared for cutting-edge content types, such as interactive augmented reality!
In 2023, keep an eye on AR's development. Currently, the feature frequently resembles an immersive digital experience, best exemplified by the filters and lenses available on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok. As your brand targets younger audiences who are eager to use new technology, this content is especially crucial.
Investigate inventive ways you can use interactive AR tools to engage your audience as they become more available. 
8.    Increasing Popularity of Virtual Events
Don't anticipate a sudden stop to those LinkedIn invitations! The popularity of virtual events is rising along with the growth of online communities.
In 2022, 40% of global marketing events were virtual, up from 35% in 2020, according to Statista. Even though we can now meet in person, virtual events are still popular, and for good reason! Participants can access experiences at virtual events that they otherwise wouldn't have been able to. Additionally, staying online frequently enables people to save time and money.
9.    More Influencers and Brands Will Team Up
Influencer marketing is undoubtedly here to stay, even though it is developing along with the rest of the market.
According to a Deloitte study, 33% of US respondents say influencers have an impact on their purchasing decisions, and 70% of respondents follow at least one influencer. Additionally, according to Statista, more than a quarter (27.5%) of respondents aged 16 to 34 said the most effective kind of social media advertising was an endorsement from a reliable influencer.
Social media users can anticipate seeing more partnerships (possibly longer and more complex ones) as more brands become aware of the potential advantages of video marketing with influencers.
10.    Connected TV Advertising Will Become Mainstream
To stay in the moment, marketers' ad budgets will continue to change as Connected TV (CTV) continues to grow, and any marketing teams plan to incorporate CTV into their 2023 plans.
CTV can showcase your company on the biggest screen in the house. CTV advertising, in contrast to linear television, enables your company to use television advertising as a performance platform, much like social media and search advertising.
Customizable Production of Trending Social Media Videos
It's time to incorporate these trends into your 2023 video marketing plan, with our creative teams of marketers, content creation, and video production at Nascode.
Our creators and production teams are ready to deliver high-performing videos built for every channel, audience, and campaign, regardless of the trends you want to follow. Additionally, it is always supported by exclusive performance data to ensure that your advertisement stands out from the crowd and engages your target audience. Get in touch with us today!
Video Marketing Trends: Final Thoughts
These video marketing trends will develop further in 2023, and new ones will appear. While it's important to keep our strategies and goals in mind, it's equally important to remain flexible as key elements change and new trends emerge.
To keep up with the most recent social media video trends in our constantly changing digital world, be vigilant about keeping up with what's popular (and what isn't).

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