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Promote your brand using live shopping on Instagram

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01 August 2022
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Promote your brand using live shopping on Instagram

Businesses now have a new way to help deepen connections with customers and drive sales in the moment of discovery thanks to Instagram. Aside from tagging products in Feed, Stories, Reels, mentions, and Instagram Video, US businesses with checkout on Instagram can leverage the power of selling in live broadcasts. With live shopping, you can sell products directly from the app, interact with viewers in real-time, and save your videos so customers can continue shopping for featured products after the live broadcast.

Live video humanizes your brand through a rich storytelling format, providing customers with an immersive way to discover and purchase products. Recent studies have shown that 44 % of people survey on Instagram to shop. Instagram is now considered a place where people shop and get inspired.

The Advantages of Instagram Live Shopping

Discover the benefits of Instagram eCommerce through live selling for your business.

1. Promote and Sell

Promote and sell your products while entertaining your viewers. Live Shopping can improve your selling abilities because it reduces the time required for product promotion and allows you to promote multiple items in a single stream.

2. Interactivity in real-time that fosters relationships

More than 25 million businesses use Instagram to connect with customers, which Live Shopping allows them to do in real-time. This interaction allows you to obtain insights and feedback directly from them in order to address pain points, making it an excellent tool for developing strong relationships and cultivating loyalty.

The live setting also conveys a more human side to your brand. This transparency and authenticity can entice viewers to stick around after the Live Shopping and trust you enough to convert.

3. Increase interest and consideration

90% of Instagram users follow at least one brand, and 75% will take action after seeing a post that piques their interest.

Instagram Live Shopping allows you to highlight the features of a product and interact with it so that the audience can learn about its benefits. You can also share a review or recommendation to help customers feel more confident that the product is right for them.

4. Simplify the purchasing process

In line with keeping people's attention, live selling allows for a shorter path to purchase, with fewer steps to checkout. Make sure to move them down the sales funnel throughout the stream; ideally, they should have purchased a product from you before your Instagram live sales end.

5. Enhance conversions and sales

Subsequently, you want this to happen during and after your Instagram live selling. Even if they are unable to see and test the product in person, what they are learning in real-time is sufficient to convince them that your product can improve their lives.

In fact, research has shown that when a product is purchased through a live stream, the return rate is 50% lower than when purchased through a traditional e-commerce channel.

Live sales on Instagram expose your products to as many eyes as possible—up to 500 million per day. When combined with the right kind of engagement, you can expect better results.


Do you want to increase your sales? Go live now!

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