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Moving Ahead in 2023 with these Top 5 Online Video Trends

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24 January 2023
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Moving Ahead in 2023 with these Top 5 Online Video Trends

One of the most crucial factors to take into account for your content marketing plan is the evolution of video marketing trends. Engaging your audience can be done efficiently through videos in your content. Short ads, vlogs or live footage are becoming increasingly trendy where 87% of organizations already utilize video as a marketing tool, and 80% of people prefer it to printed material. Moreover, research reveals that 88% of consumers have been persuaded to buy goods and services by a marketing film.
Small business owners can use video as a marketing tool to reach their target audience effectively. Studies show that 4 out of 10 internet users watch videos of brands they are considering to buy from. So, if you want to show off to your customers, increase brand awareness, generate more traffic to your site, and increase sales, just start marketing by shooting videos.
If you are wondering what are the top trends for online video, we at Nascode have done the research for you and came up with these 5 insights that will help you navigate the digital world in 2023:
1.    Live Streaming:
After the pandemic in 2020, live streaming became increasingly important especially since people were not able to attend events and activities in person. Today, what we perceive as “streamable” information has completely changed. Startups and larger brands use live streaming to stay connected with their followers. As a marketer, we advise you to keep the live streaming option as one of the trendiest marketing tools for 2023. Even if life returns to normal, live streaming will still be on the rise.
2.    Behind-the-Scenes Video:
The behind-the-scenes video trend is definitely one of the hottest trends of 2023. These videos give viewers a peek into the processes taking place in the background. You can shoot fun clips to give viewers the ability to observe what happens with you every day, talk to your employees, share a project planning meeting, and even shoot the production process. Don't hesitate to show off the fun and playful side of your company because viewers are attracted to signs of friendliness. 
3.    Smartphone Photography:
The days of expensive photographic equipment and mass productions are long gone. Even companies that can afford these costs are turning to smartphone cameras to create original and relatable content. One successful example of this trend is Apple's campaign as it asked its phone users to send their best shots using an Apple phone to get a chance to display them on its ads and billboards.  Apple has proven that videos taken using its devices are indistinguishable from what we see in traditional media and has accumulated more than 15 million contributions over the years.
4.    Social Media Stories:
social media stories show the brand's personality and establish a closer relationship with customers more than other marketing tools. Social media stories are usually spontaneous since they show daily events that don't appear on the final version of your posts, but watching them remains desirable by viewers. Social media stories are meant to increase audience engagement by creating Q&A sessions with viewers or sharing the multiple ways they wear or use your products, for example.
5.    Silent videos:
Creating videos to be watched silently may seem like a strange and even crazy idea, but marketers use this trend more and more daily. Facebook statistics show that 85% of videos are watched without sounds. Silent videos have grown in popularity for the following reasons: Viewers react negatively when a video makes a loud sound unexpectedly, and users watch videos on their smartphones everywhere they go – in crowded waiting rooms, on public transportation, in classrooms, and even in meetings. This means that if you want viewers to watch the full video, just   optimize it to be watched silently. Don't forget the feature of adding captions to the clip. 


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