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Marketing Mobile Apps Pre-Launch

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07 February 2023
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Marketing Mobile Apps: Pre-Launch

In 2010, the app Rdio was released before Spotify and it had a promising future as one of the first music streaming apps of the time. The app had a remarkable design that was engaging for users. 
One year after Rdio’s release, Spotify came into existence with an aggressive marketing plan. Spotify’s brand image was fun and fresh; and soon after, Rdio disappeared from the scene since they chose to focus all their time and budget on the app features instead of properly marketing the app. 
Rdio’s example teaches us that good marketing is essential for having a successful mobile app. 
If you want to market your app properly in 2023, we at Nascode offer you a detailed guide that will give you all the information you need to know in a series of three blog posts that tackle pre-launch, mid-launch, and post-launch tactics. 
Before your launch, raise awareness: 
Creating a demand for your app is crucial even before the app is ready to download. Think about a good marketing plan well before you start having users as it will direct your coming steps.
Knowing the ins and outs of your market not only means knowing your target users, but also knowing your competitors. 

1.    Know your competition:
Learn from your competitors by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. Focus on two or three competitors and evaluate their app store ranking, user experience, their available monetization model, and positive and negative reviews. 
The above points allow you to pay attention to what works, and does not work, for the market and helps you improve on what is offered while avoiding the mistakes that were made in the past. Doing so will make users view you as the clear choice. 
Review the tone of voice used by your competitors. Notice if they are fun or more serious, and remember that what works for others might not work well for you. 

2.    Know your users:
After you have studied your competitors, think of the users and focus on their likes, dislikes, characteristics, and what matters to them. 
One way to collect data is by conducting surveys. Another way that helps you understand how to market to your audience is by creating user personas that represent your ideal costumers.

3.    Create excitement:
After familiarizing yourself with your competitors and target audience, it’s time to concentrate on your content marketing plan so you can create excitement. 
Creating a website or a landing page is essential to give all the information about your app. Users should be directed to your page if they wish to know more about your app before you launch.
Make sure that the image of the website or page is consistent with your app. 
Some websites include a countdown timer for the launch. A countdown timer is guaranteed to increase your conversion rates. 
After finalizing your website, start advertising your app across multiple platforms and make sure your brand and message are uniform. 
Now that we have talked about what to do before launching your mobile app, read Marketing Mobile Apps: Mid-Launch to know how to increase popularity and the number of users.



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