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Marketing Mobile Apps Post-Launch

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20 February 2023
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Marketing Mobile Apps: Post-Launch

In a world where thousands of mobile apps are launched every day, having a successful mobile app requires smart and aggressive marketing strategy. If you want to market your app properly in 2023, we at Nascode offer you a detailed guide that will give you all the information you need to know. In the previous blog posts, we talked about steps that will guarantee a successful launch, but it’s important to keep up the hard effort and not slow down the pace after building up to your launch and creating a buzz around your mobile app. The aim post launch is to keep your clients as long as possible and continuously work on retaining them.

1.    Make sure the users are well-informed about the app:

New users downloaded your app for a reason, but being well-informed about all the features gives them the satisfaction that they are getting value out of using your app. Keep in mind that users need to be entertained while information is being explained to them. Video tutorials that contain clever animation paired with great music are a great way to keep users engaged. Users are more likely to stay loyal to an app that invests in engaging and education informational content. 

2.    Request feedback:

Users will not think twice about telling you what makes them happy and what they like and don’t like about the app. Taking your users’ feedback will help you better understand the market, and making improvements will demonstrate to them that you respect their opinions, thus creating greater sense of loyalty

3.    Push notifications:

Pushing notifications will remind users of your app in the middle of all the noise created by other apps. Push notifications boost app engagement by 88% according to research done by Invespcro.

4.    Encourage referrals:

Make use of free promotion done by users who enjoy using your app. Offering referral rewards encourages people to invite their friends. Referrals bring in high-value users. Customers who have been recommended by other customers have a 37% higher retention rate and are 4x more likely to recommend someone else, claims Invespcro.
You should never consider the process of marketing your mobile app to be over. To give your app the best chance of surviving in this cutthroat environment, you should always be working on and trying to enhance it.

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