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Is artificial intelligence the future of writing?

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30 November 2022
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Is artificial intelligence the future of writing?

It is not new that emerging artificial intelligence technology seeks to dominate the writing space.
High-end and intermediate writers have expressed skepticism about the introduction of AI writing software, if not outright fear.
Not according to supporters of the AI writing application! According to them, the idea behind the creation is to help writers reduce their workload.
Meanwhile, the number of AIs has surpassed all expectations. AIs are attempting to become the next big thing in content marketing, from small businesses to household names in technology.
In fact, due to advancements in machine learning and data analytics, some businesses prefer AI content marketing.
This begs the question, is artificial intelligence the future of writing? Or will it supplant human writing?
To begin, how does an artificial intelligence writing tool function?
If you've ever wondered what goes on behind every AI, the answer is simple: machine language.
Natural language generation is used by AI writing tools to generate written words from raw data. You simply enter data, and the rest is history.
When a large amount of data needs to be converted into written language that anyone can understand, an AI can help.
Are more AIs being developed?
Scientists did not stop with natural language generation; more work began after the discovery in 2016.
They rebranded and built a more advanced AI that didn't require data labeling, saving both time and money.
Another model was created in May 2020. It's known as OpenAIs GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer-3).
This new and advanced machine language is the world's largest neural network. The machine's model contains over 175 million parameters.
The GPT-3 differs from other AIs in that it processes information the same way humans do.
It performs tasks such as answering questions, filling in blanks, publishing articles, writing songs, jokes, and even philosophical questions!
ALs that are even better and more advanced are being developed. Some companies, in particular, have copied the language system of the OpenAIs GTP-3 and improved it.
Google launched a new chatbot called LAMDA in May 2020. It is intended to host meaningful, emotional, and intellectual discussions.
Furthermore, Beijing has attempted to develop the world's first living AI. The Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence (BAAI) launched a new AI called Wu Dao 2.0 in June 2020.
The AI gave its first virtual student, Hua Zhubing, "life," allowing him to write songs and codes and have a large memory.
Is artificial intelligence writing software the way of the future?
This is a lingering question in every writer's mind, and it's probably every writer's worst fear, especially for content writers or copywriters.
While AI technology advances, it is unlikely to be the future of writing.
Writers are better at capturing the essence and the reader's perception. It will take years of research for any AI to demonstrate such characteristics. An AI cannot write emphatically like a human.
Despite AI's dexterity and expertise in writing, there are still significant gaps that cannot be filled.
Here are a few reasons why writers should not be concerned about AIs for the time being:
•    Uniqueness
An AI lacks the individuality that human writers bring to their work. It's a subtle distinction that separates the professional from the amateur.

AIs are great at gathering data and analyzing complex words, but they are terrible at creative analytics.
Due to a lack of cognition and emotion, they express themselves poorly. Only humans are capable of handling such complexities.
When you edit AIs, you get whatever you get. The procedure is analogous to garbage in, garbage out.
A human is still required to carefully reread and edit AI-generated articles.
•    Engagement
Yes, detecting an AI-written article may be difficult. AIs, on the other hand, struggle to create coherent and engaging content that captivates readers. Engagement is the foundation of all good content.
Writers are better at capturing the essence of each article. It could take years of research for AIs to exhibit such characteristics.
•    Ambiguousness
If an AI is lacking in information presentation, it is a lack of direct and multiple evaluations.
An AI, for example, cannot understand a proverb or an idiom. They are undetectable in data analysis.
They also can't distinguish between linguistic complexities, such as when not to use offensive words.
Is there new hope for writers?
Human writers have nothing to worry about for the time being. AI and humans can coexist in a symbiotic relationship without one dominating the other.
Despite the fact that many people believe it is more cost-effective and reliable than human writers. However, the cost of launching an AI is a barrier to the above statement. Only large tech companies can afford high-quality, effective AI writing tools.
Human writers face very little risk. However, this should not deter you from honing your craft!

Last Word
In a tweet published in early June 2021, Sam Altman, CEO of Open AIs, stated that AIs will likely affect physical jobs more than remote jobs such as coding, writing, administrative jobs, and so on.
AIs are here to stay, whether we like it or not. We can't go up against them. However, we can devise a way to incorporate them into the physical fold while avoiding job losses.
They make a significant contribution to speeding up the writing process and simplifying the workload.
We already use AIs with limited resources, such as Grammarly and plagiarism checkers. Human editors and proofreaders are still in demand. 


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