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Importance of Behind the Scenes Content on Social Media

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03 May 2023
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Importance of Behind the Scenes Content on Social Media

Many businesses fail to utilize the valuable assets of their people and processes, which make their product or service unique. While there may be many competitors offering similar services, it's the people and processes that differentiate your business.
Providing high-quality products or services requires effort, and there should be more to the story than just the end result. In recent years, businesses have become more transparent with their audiences, thanks to social media. Sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses with customers creates a sense of community and invites them to join in the journey of your business. This shows that your business is dynamic and constantly evolving.

There are 4 reasons why sharing behind-the-scenes content on social media is important, let’s explore them below:

1.    Build trust

If you're hesitant about sharing behind-the-scenes content with your audience, here's why it's important: it builds trust. In a world where misinformation, fake news, and fraud are widespread, transparency is refreshing and can help establish trust with your audience.
When it comes to selling a product, if you're competing on price, there's not much to say about your process. However, if you're competing on quality, your process becomes a crucial aspect of your brand. For instance, if you're selling a wooden table that's similar to your competitor's, showcasing your sustainable sourcing practices, local craftsmen, and decision-making process can help differentiate your product.
By being transparent about your process, you show customers that they can trust you to make informed decisions on their behalf. Customers who appreciate your values and craftsmanship are more likely to choose your product or service and become repeat customers, refer their friends, and share your brand on social media.
If you're a service-based company, your process is what you're selling. Being transparent about how your service works and sharing success stories with potential clients can deepen their understanding and build trust in your business.

2.    Justification of cost 

Consider the restaurant industry as an example of cost justification. It's common to hear customers say, "I can buy a pizza for under $10 at the supermarket," while looking at a menu that offers pizza for $18. While it's true that they can purchase a cheaper pizza from the supermarket, they won't have someone to cook it, serve them drinks, or clean up afterwards.
To justify the cost of your product or service, it's essential to explain the fundamental aspects of your business in a way that resonates with your audience. You want your customers to appreciate what you do, and not simply try to cut costs. Instead, you should demonstrate why paying more for your product or service is worthwhile.
Whether you're a restaurant, a business consultant, or a commercial cleaning company, your customers are paying for your process. It's the fact that your pizzas are handmade by skilled chefs, using fresh ingredients every day. It's the extensive research you conduct for each client to truly understand their industry, or the way you treat and value your cleaning staff, making them a joy to be around.
It's important to communicate to your customers why they should pay more for what you offer, by highlighting the unique aspects of your business that make it worth their investment.

3.    Forgiveness

Large, impersonal companies that seem to disregard their customers can be frustrating when they make mistakes. In a world where instant gratification is expected, with next day delivery, digital ordering, and cashless payments, occasional technological or human errors are inevitable.
However, being transparent about how you operate, by discussing the systems you have in place to prevent errors and how you address problems when they occur, demonstrates that you are imperfect but doing everything possible to avoid letting your customers down.
Moreover, a certain level of understanding from your audience allows you to experiment with new ideas, knowing that there is forgiveness if things don't go as planned. If your audience already knows why you're trying something new, they are more likely to comprehend if it doesn't work out.

4.    Exclusivity

 Learning about the behind-the-scenes details of our favorite movies, such as the special effects, casting decisions, and filming locations, can enhance our viewing experience by providing insight into the director's vision and creative process. These lesser-known facts create a sense of inclusion and can deepen our appreciation of the film. This marketing strategy is often referred to as "exclusivity."

The brands that can showcase a human touch are likely to be the ultimate winners in a world dominated by automation and technology.
If you're eager to reveal your human side but unsure about the approach, inform us about how we can assist you in conveying your narrative.

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