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How Can Chatbots Improve User Experience?

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20 October 2022
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How Can Chatbots Improve User Experience?


If artificial intelligence, or AI, seems like a far-off thing of the future, you may be mistaken — according to research, 63% of individuals are unaware they are already employing AI technologies.

Chatbots are a common type of AI that individuals have begun to use, both as customers and businesses: simple AIs with branching logic that can be tailored to answer client requests.

If the usage of robots appears to scare clients away from your company, consider that 48% of customers are already comfortable with interactions mediated by bots, and 71% say they would be willing to utilize a bot if it meant a better customer experience.

  1. Offering customer service.

The major way chatbots improve the user experience is by simply adding more channels for customer assistance. Customers can contact your company via chatbots in addition to calling, emailing, or visiting a physical location.

Having another choice promotes convenience because most chatbots can be accessed via mobile device or computer, allowing consumers to discover solutions from wherever they are as long as they have a suitable device.

71% of customers already expect firms to provide customer care via messaging channels; enhance your user experience by fulfilling an existing customer expectation.

  1. Responding quickly to simple queries.

When customers contact support teams with simple questions, they want speedy responses. However, because many support teams receive a high volume of inquiries, it is not always possible to respond to questions right away, no matter how simple they are.

Chatbots are a solution to this problem because they can handle numerous conversations at once and deliver speedy responses to all queries, especially simple questions.

For example, rather than calling your business and being put on hold, a Facebook Messenger chatbot can swiftly respond with your open hours. If a customer asks a question that requires hands-on assistance from a human representative, the chatbot will know how to pass the query to an available person.

  1. Shortening customer wait times.

Long wait times are commonly recognized to be a top customer frustration, as people desire quick solutions without having to be on hold or wait for an email response.

Chatbots can assist in improving this aspect of the customer experience. Regardless of the sort of query, a chatbot may be there to aid clients right away, whether it's to provide a basic solution or to send them to a human agent who is better prepared to help.

When conversing with chatbots, 59% of survey respondents expect a response in 5 seconds or less - a standard that a human would struggle to match. As a result, implementing chatbots will assist you in speaking to this customer want.

  1. Reducing customer service stress.

Support workers are freed of the burden that comes from balancing low-touch issues and higher-priority issues that require more attention when chatbots are trained to answer typical customer inquiries and deliver speedy solutions. In fact, 43% of firms report they implemented chatbots to save time with automated customer care.

Reps can instead focus on high-impact, time-sensitive issues, while chatbots answer typical questions such as your company's hours of operation.

  1. Consistently providing excellent customer service.

Another way chatbots enhance the customer experience is by providing 24/7 customer care - in fact, 64% of customers feel that 24/7 service is the best aspect of chatbots.

Customers no longer have to wait till your business reopens to obtain a response because a chatbot is always available to answer a query. If a significant problem arises when your human support representatives aren't available, a chatbot may even provide the consumer with a timeframe for when they can expect to speak with an agent. Without a chatbot, the customer may be left waiting for someone to respond, wondering if their inquiry was even received at all.


  1. Obtaining high-quality leads.

Chatbots learn more about clients and where they stand in regard to your business through chats with them, such as whether they are qualified leads or simply interested prospects.

Chatbots can help you improve the user experience in this regard by gathering information on leads and measuring their level of interest in what you have to offer. When you know where they stand, you may supply them with more business materials that you know will address their concerns.

  1. Gather useful information regarding how your company is doing.

Chatbots can create high-quality leads, but they can also provide vital information about how your company is seen by your consumers.

When clients write messages, you can learn about the problems they are having. If you detect a pattern in similar difficulties, you may utilize this information to improve FAQ pages, product manuals, and knowledge bases, or train chatbots to answer these queries so your customers have fewer problems.

Also, you’ll learn how people talk about and debate your items, providing you with useful insight into their perception of what you have to offer. This might assist you in tailoring your business resources, such as marketing content, to use language that your customers understand.

  1. Enable customization.

Chatbots personalize the user experience by adapting the dialogue to the customer's specific needs.

Chatbots can propose items to clients based on their questions, present offers based on their buyer's journey, and even suggest the best possible next source of action based on their demand with personalization.

Now it's your turn.

The decision to use chatbots in your customer experience strategy is totally dependent on your company's demands. If you do, your support staff will likely be able to spend more time on time-sensitive issues, you will have satisfied clients who discover speedy solutions, and you will gain an in-depth insight into your audience, which will help you better serve them.


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