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06 June 2019
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We all know that taking a good night sleep, is a good factor for a long productive day but staying awake all day could be challenging. Many researches claim that dairy products help you sleep easily so what if we consume these during any meal of the day. Although somehow we cannot avoid them here are some good elements that you can add to your daily meals to boost your energy...
Salmon: If you're a sashimi lover you better hold on to your chopsticks! This fish is a powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids which helps building the muscles, tissues and gives energy.


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Citrus: not only consuming them enhances your energy, even their scent does the trick.

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Eggs: rich in vitamin B, eggs helps boosting your energy through the day, your metabolism and your central nervous system to function.


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Beans: also rich in vitamin B and protein

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Walnuts: great energy builders rich in omega 3

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Dark chocolate: The darker it is the better! These sweeties have to be concentrated in cacao as much as possible. Cacao helps fighting stress, boosting energy and focus.

Coffee: Of course, not to forget coffee which helps but it is preferable to drink it as early as possible so it wouldn't interfere with bedtime sleep.

Water: Especially cold water, being dehydrated is another cause for feeling fatigue so don't forget to drink water.

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