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Essential Social Media Metrics to Monitor-1

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03 March 2023
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Essential Social Media Metrics to Monitor-1

Uploading good content on social media is a skill that needs to be mastered. And although your brands’ social media may be active and have high engagement, you must make sure you’re using the metrics correctly so that your business sees return on investment. 
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram offer several metrics that are easy to measure. In this series of Essential Social Media Metrics to Monitor, we are going to explain 9 metrics that you should be tracking to make sure your account is measuring up to your standards.

1.    Number of social media followers:
The number of social media followers is not just an aesthetic metric, yet some marketers tend to disregard it because having engaged followers is more important than the number of followers. 
Nevertheless, if you’re aiming to increase brand reach, then it’s important to track the number of social media followers gained over time.
Naturally, some accounts will perform better than others, hence the focus should be on the ones that attract more followers.
Follower growth rate will tell you if you’re gaining or losing followers, will help you identify trends in your growth, and will justify the effort and dedication factored in. 

2.    Impression and reach:
Reach and impressions should be included in your social media analytics report if you're hoping to improve brand recognition and perception.
The term "reach" describes the quantity of distinct social media users who have viewed your material. It shows how much your material has spread online.
Impressions, on the other hand, display the frequency with which a post appears in a user's timeline on social media.
Reach and impressions show the effectiveness of your social media engagement. Lower impressions and reach rate lead to lower engagement, since the post is not being viewed by a lot of people. In that case, assess your content to see if your audience is responding positively to it.

3.    Engagement:
Engagement is important since it helps you keep your followers and tells you if your content is interesting and relevant to them. 
Monitor these engagement metrics to know how much your users are engaged with your content, and to gain insights on the best day and time to share your content on social media platforms:
•    Likes, Comments, Retweets, Shares etc,.: How many people like, comment on, retweet or share your content?
•    Post Engagement rate: (# of likes and comments / # of followers) x 100. The higher the rate the more the love your content is receiving.
•    Click Through Rate (CTR): # of clicks / # of impressions. CTR measures the number of people who click your link after seeing your post.
•    Account Mentions: Monitor how many times your brand has been mentioned on social media. Account mentions help to measure brand awareness.

We’ve discussed 3 important social media metrics that need to be tracked. Stay tuned and read our next blog Essential Social Media Metrics to Monitor-2 to explore more important metrics.


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