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Business tiktok trends for 2023

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05 December 2022
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Business tiktok trends for 2023

There is no doubt that life moves fast, but social media seems to be moving even faster. Each day seems to bring a new update.
As TikTok's popularity increases, we anticipate that more and more innovations will be released, which makes it difficult for businesses to keep up with these TikTok trends, and it can be even more difficult to predict them. So, in order to save you time and effort, we decided to provide you with our forecasts.
Read below, our forecasts for 2023 and begin thinking and planning about how you can alter your marketing strategy to stay ahead of the curve.
TikTok will keep releasing updates to make it simpler for companies to prosper.
Every social media platform should keep developing new features. Or else, a more recent app will replace it. A lot of these updates are designed to make them simpler and more profitable for businesses because they depend on ad revenue to stay afloat.
And a prime example of this is TikTok.  So far in 2022, TikTok has unveiled updates like its Creative Center in order to make it easier for creators and brands to keep up with the most trending and recent hashtags, songs, and content trends. In order to facilitate selling on the platform, TikTok is also creating e-commerce integrations, by announcing their integration with WooCommerce, In order for brands to use this technology to sync products, track data, and more.
In 2023, TikTok will undoubtedly continue to innovate and inspire, and NASCODE is excited for the potential marketing opportunities that lie ahead.
TikTok will expand its search capabilities. 
TikTok is being used as a search engine by more and more people. In fact, according to an article from NBC News, about 40% of Gen Z prefer to use Instagram and TikTok for searching rather than Google.
For brands, especially those who prioritize traditional SEO over social media marketing, this change in how products are discovered is extremely important.
In order to meet this demand, TikTok is releasing updates that will make searching on the platform even easier. In one case, TikTok tested an update that would enable specific keywords within comments to become searchable buttons. For example, a user might ask, "Do you have any pasta recipes?" and, other users could click "pasta recipes" to access a search result with a variety of cooking tutorials.
As 2023 approaches, we anticipate TikTok to keep improving on these search innovations and testing them out on small user groups, eliminating the unpopular ones, and implementing the successful ones across the board.
In light of potential updates and a change in consumer behavior, brands need to begin developing a presence on TikTok. Using Additionally, modifying tested SEO techniques, such as keyword research, can aid new users in finding your business.
If you don't know how to do it, don't worry, our TikTok marketing experts are available to assist you.
Local content will be given priority on TikTok.
It appears that TikTok is making multiple efforts to surpass Google. In addition to improving its search functionality, TikTok has begun small-scale testing of "nearby" content in Southeast Asia. Yes, users will notice more content from creators and businesses in their neighborhoods.
With the addition of this feature, small businesses would have even more reason to sign up for accounts on the platform. Local creators will probably see a significant increase in their follower counts as a result of the opportunity to gain more visibility when posting about events, shops, restaurants, and other local attractions.
Is there going to be a "Near You" tab in the future? We sure think so.
Viewers won't be able to skip your TikTok ads thanks to creator licensing.
If you've ever browsed TikTok, you've probably seen two very distinct types of advertisements. The first type is unmistakably an advertisement. When compared to the typical TikTok content, which is filmed and edited on a phone, it is typically highly produced and has a television-like appearance.
The second kind of advertisement blends in much better. It might take a moment (or even a quick glance at the caption) before you realize it's an advertisement rather than just a post from a user's profile even though it features your favorite content creator.
If you're a typical TikTok user, you'll quickly watch the second video while skipping over the first. That's because people have learned to tune out such direct advertisements and don't want them, which causes them to be skipped right away. But if they can't tell it's an advertisement, they'll give the content a chance and watch for a longer period of time.
But if they can't tell it's an advertisement, they'll give the content a chance and watch for a longer period of time.
These second types of advertisements—the ones that perform especially well—need the assistance of creators. These genuine advertisements will increase the value of your brand, whether you use Creator Licensing to advertise from the creator's account or acquire content usage rights and repurpose a creator's video under your brand.
On TikTok, some industries will continue to succeed.
We forecast that some industries will continue to experience astronomical success in the coming year because of TikTok. For instance, the World Economic Forum reports that BookTok, the section of TikTok where readers, librarians, and booksellers share their favorite stories, has attributed to a record-breaking number of books being sold in 2021.
Likewise, physical bookstores like Barnes & Noble have benefited from the craze by creating "TikTok Made Me Read It" sections where customers can purchase the latest trending books.
ThriftTok, BeautyTok, and RecipeTok are some other popular communities. Brands in these sectors should pay attention to this and concentrate on growing their accounts and participating actively in these groups.
The amount spent on TikTok will rise.
TikTok has experienced significant growth over the past few years—first in users, then in ad spend as businesses sought to connect with this audience. Facebook and Instagram continue to generate the highest ad revenues of all platforms, so it isn't the top destination for social ad spending yet.
Although many brands still don't use TikTok ads, we predict that in 2023, the number of companies using the platform will skyrocket.
TikTok ad prices will rise.
According to the basic principle of supply and demand, the price of TikTok ads will rise as demand rises. Ad prices and costs will increase as more and more brands are turning to social media to build awareness and generate revenue.  
Take advantage of the current lower prices to stay ahead of the curve. Brands should create reliable accounts on the platform and start experimenting with various ad formats to see which ones work best for their target audiences.
Reaching a million followers will be more challenging for creators.
TikTok is seeing an increase in users, because its algorithm gives creators a better chance of going viral than other platforms. But it will be more difficult to reach the same number of users as TikTok becomes more populated.
In 2023, creators might have to rely on alternative strategies, like placing ad spend behind posts, to significantly increase their following.
2023 will be the year of the micro-influencer. 
Viewers are aware of it. Brands are aware of it. TikTok is now aware of it. Small creators have equal influence to big influencers. Despite having fewer followers, they are still influential in their communities, if not more so.
We anticipate TikTok will continue to be good at assisting smaller creators to stand out in the sea of users in the coming year. In 2023, nano and micro-influencers will make a big impact by securing more brand partnerships, appearing on more FYPs, and creating more buzz. 
Key business trends from TikTok: Start getting your feet wet now because TikTok marketing will be very popular in 2023.
What are you waiting for when TikTok has so much potential? Contact our marketing experts and content creators and let’s get started. 
It's time for your brand to follow TikTok's lead in securing its position as a leader in the creator economy.

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