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8 Main Advantages of Display Advertising

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29 December 2022
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8 Main Advantages of Display Advertising

Display ads can be found everywhere. They can appear on almost any website and are an excellent way for small businesses to reach out to relevant customers. But what distinguishes display advertising from other forms of online advertising, and why do you require display ads for your small business?
This article will explain what display advertising is and the benefits of using it (plus, how it works, and other strategies to boost the effectiveness of your marketing).
What Is Display Advertising?
Let's begin with a definition: Display advertising is a type of online advertising that consists of running visual ads on websites, these ads typically include a call to action. Display advertisements can appear on any website that a consumer visits.
Display advertising is distinct from search advertising or pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements that appear on search engine results pages. PPC ads appear when a consumer searches on a search engine such as Google or Bing, whereas display ads appear on the site the consumer clicks on from search engines (or any site they visit while online).
There are several types of display ads available, each with its own purpose. For example, you can run display ads on the USA TODAY NETWORK to increase awareness and clicks to your website by appearing on local and national news sites. Other types of display ads, such as geofencing ads, enable you to target consumers based on their location and (hopefully) drive them to your storefront or website.
Advantages of Display Advertising
So, now that we've defined display advertising, let's look at why it's such an effective marketing strategy for small businesses.
1.    Display Ads Are Visually Appealing
One of the advantages of display advertising is that it can (and should!) be designed and styled. Regular PPC ads are text-based and must adhere to character limits, which limits how effectively and quickly you can capture attention and convey your message.
On the other hand, with digital display advertising, you can use graphics, video, audio, and your company's branding to stand out and attract users' attention.
2.    Display Ads Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility
In order to gain a new customer, the customer must be aware that your company exists. And, according to Localogy, consumers must interact with a brand ten times before considering doing business with them.
Display advertising allows you to go on the offensive and get in front of customers before they need your product or service. When they need what your company provides, you have a better chance of being the first person they think of because they've seen your name online so many times.
3.    Targeted Display Ads
When running digital marketing campaigns, it is critical to target the people most relevant to your business. You can create specific parameters for your digital display advertising, just as you can for PPC and Facebook advertising targeting: which sites your display ads appear on, which geographic area they appear in, and which demographic or niche market they appear to.
A car dealership, for example, can target people of driving age who live in their zip code and when visiting auto-related websites.
The advantage of targeting your display ads is that you can maximize your spend while ensuring that your ads are seen by the most relevant audience. 
4.    Display Ads Allow You to Retarget Potential Consumers
Display ad retargeting is the practice of showing display ads to consumers based on their previous online behavior, including those who visited your website but did not convert into a customer.
This has most likely happened to you. You're on a home improvement store's website, say, looking at electric drills. You go to Google to search for something else entirely, and when you land on a Google blog or website, you see ads for electric drills on those pages, trying to promote a sale at that same home improvement store.
You've already expressed interest in one of their products. Not only is their name reappearing in your field of vision, but you're also encountering a large amount of content that could be the final push you need to make a purchase decision. Display retargeting is an excellent way to engage consumers who are already familiar with your company and go the extra mile to close the deal.
5.    Display Ads Can Reach Consumers on the Go
Another effective display advertising strategy is geofencing. You can target people who are out shopping right now and have high purchase intent by pushing advertisements to mobile devices based on a consumer's current location.
Geofencing allows you to create a virtual perimeter around a geographic area, such as your company's or a competitor's. You can then send geofencing ads in the form of offers and deals to anyone who enters that area with their mobile device.
Geofencing can help you attract new customers who are in the area and may be looking for exactly what you offer, as well as entice old customers to return with a timely offer.
6.    Display Ads Can Prevent Competition
Display advertising is an excellent way to divert consumers' attention away from a competitor and entice them to do business with you instead. One method for gaining new customers is to use search retargeting to go after those who have looked for products on your competitor's website and then offer a great deal on your own site for that same product.
7.    Display Ads Work Well Combined with Other Marketing Strategies
Display advertising complements other marketing strategies well. Consider PPC and display advertising: According to studies, 27% of consumers search for a business after seeing their display ad, and there is a 59% increase in conversion when users conduct a search related to a display ad.
While PPC and SEO may be your top drivers of direct traffic and conversions, don't underestimate the power of building brand awareness for your company, which display advertising excels at.
8.    Display Ads Can be Easily Tracked and Measured for Effectiveness
It's critical to track your marketing performance so you know what's working, in order to help your company grow. With display advertising, You can track how many times your ads have been seen and how many users have clicked on them. Because display advertising is primarily a brand awareness-building marketing strategy, the number of impressions your ads receive will be the most important metric to consider success.
Get Started with Display Advertising

Display advertising is an effective marketing tactic that can increase the effectiveness of your marketing when used in conjunction with other initiatives as part of a larger strategy. Display advertising is a wise strategy to use along the customer's journey, from increasing general awareness early on to luring loyal customers back again with focused deals and offers.

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