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6 reasons why LinkedIn is important for your business

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09 November 2022
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6 reasons why LinkedIn is important for your business

If you want to use LinkedIn to make more business connections or to build your online brand, these features will be invaluable in making your presence known across the LinkedIn platform.
LinkedIn, a business-focused professional networking platform, has proven to be essential for working professionals. Whether you're an employee, an employer, a recruiter, a sales professional, or a business owner, the social networking platform can help you broaden your reach and connect with the right people to help you advance your career.
Since its inception in May 2003, the business networking platform has grown into a networked powerhouse with over 810 million professionals interacting to share business and related career information.
But, with all of the big brands on the platform, how can LinkedIn help small business owners? Here are some of the top reasons why you should create a personal LinkedIn profile, a company page, or add some of the new features and changes released in 2022 to your existing profile to take advantage of some of its new free features.
What are the most important reasons LinkedIn is important for your business?
Increasing the visibility of your personal brand online. You have control over the professional image you want to project to your customers. A carefully crafted profile highlighting your skills, experience, testimonials, and work history can help you land new clients. When people search for a specific skill or experience, your profile will appear. Having your business value proposition displayed on your profile can help you attract inbound clients with little effort on your part. A strong profile will increase your credibility and allow you to tell your story in order to bring your work to life.
Using Company Pages, you can showcase your professional brand. Having a company page that displays your business's expertise in your industry, the products you manufacture, and company news can greatly enhance your brand. You can post white papers and advertise available jobs at the company. In short, a LinkedIn Company Page, if used correctly and frequently updated, can eliminate the need for small businesses to have a paid-for website.
LinkedIn can help you find work. Contractors and ad-hoc teams can use LinkedIn to find suitable employment in their area of the country or online. LinkedIn's search and tagging features can show you jobs that are a good fit for your skills. If you are looking for a new job, your profile will appear when recruiters search for your specific skill set, location, or desire to work remotely. You can specify whether you want to work as a contractor or as a full-time employee, as well as when you want to work. You can even limit the audience for the profile setting so that recruiters are the only ones who see this new information.
Create Leads. Create a lead generation form to capture member information and close the deal with LinkedIn members who visit your Company page. According to LinkedIn data, using LinkedIn to generate leads can increase conversions by two to three times when compared to standard campaigns that use sponsored content. These forms can be used to not only connect LinkedIn members to your brand but also to promote white papers or encourage webinar signups.
Display your abilities. You can add specific skills gained from each work placement. Any recruiter conducting a skills search will see your name listed under that particular skill. You can also add your skills and request and receive feedback on your work. These endorsements will be visible to others who view your profile, further validating your expertise.
Improve your job-specific abilities. You can use LinkedIn's online courses to learn more about any subject you want. The length and complexity of LinkedIn Learning courses vary, and they cover a wide range of topics. Many of the courses are free and available in six languages. You can either follow structured learning paths or browse the available videos. The courses range from beginner to advanced, with several leading to certification.
LinkedIn is a fantastic networking tool that, when used correctly, can significantly improve your ability to expand your connections and advertise yourself or your business in order to attract new business opportunities and advance your career.

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